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The time to zone!


Maybe I’m unusual, maybe I’m not.

Maybe I find working with numbers very easy.

Maybe due to my computing background and the fact that I have to work with base 2, base 8 and base 16 I find working with such things rather easy.

Maybe I’m just really good with the time.

But maybe, just maybe, people in England should realise that 22:30 is not a good time to SMS someone in Perth.

On a Friday night. (c;

Hint for the day.


Don’t signup to a random website and have your password match the password for your web-based email account (that you use to register the account).

Today’s hint was brought to you by the number 15 and the words “user” and “mong”.

Well a few people less than what I expected turned up tonight, I was somewhere between 4 and 6 people short, which is quite a few considering when you’re as short on space as I am you don’t invite a mass of people.  I guess I don’t know as many desperate people as I thought… I truly thought they all were. (c;

But a good night was had, relaxed watching cricket and drinking beer at the start (being good Aussies and all) and then migrated onto the BBQ and beer (being good Aussies and all).  As about 7 we wandered to the Perth foreshore (about a 30 minute casual walk) and watch the sky works from there, they were pretty good, just as I started to zone out they’d arc up with another crescendo.  We high-tailed it out of the city as soon as they stopped and managed to avoid the sea of bodies.

Then we had chocolate biscuits.

Can’t top that, no more to say.


Comments off

Practise run for tom today:  Completed.



For those of you in the know I’ve been playing squash for about 5 years now, pretty much once a week.

About a year ago I changed squash partners after my friend did in his knee, I now play with someone with a tennis swing and who’s managed to hit me in the neck with the ball when we’re side by side.

This has made me flinch whenever I serve and the ball is on his forehand… and made me think about buying some eye protection for about a year now.

So today… finally… after so much procrastination…

… I got hit in the left eye with a ball.

Does this eye-patch make me look sexy, me mateys?

Cricketers banned from hitting sixes
By Kate Uebergang
October 27, 2004

PUBLIC safety fears have stumped one of cricket’s greatest feats: the six.

Amateur cricketers at two eastern Melbourne suburban grounds will be penalised for hitting a six under a Boroondara Council rule.

The risk of cricket balls hitting bystanders and the likelihood of lawsuits have prompted the change, which is being adopted by more than 100 Eastern Cricket Association teams.

The dead ball rule is to stop cricketers hitting sixes over certain boundaries at Canterbury Sports Ground and Dorothy Laver Reserve East, Glen Iris.

Cricketers will not receive any runs and the ball will not be re-bowled.

Eastern Cricket Association secretary manager Rod Patterson said the rule was a necessary change to prevent injuries and lawsuits.

“Unfortunately, in this day and age we have a litigious society and council is concerned they may get sued if they allow cricket balls to come out of the park,” Mr Patterson said.

“We’re also concerned.”

Mr Patterson said there had been some surprise from clubs when told about the new rule.

“We’ve explained to our clubs why we’re doing this. Our clubs have accepted that,” he said.

Boroondara city works director John Nevins said while the council was not aware of any cricket ball injuries to date, there had been near misses.

“A resident wrote to us during last cricket season saying they’d been walking with their baby along the street of the southern boundary of the Canterbury Sports Ground, when a cricket ball landed near the pram.”

Mr Nevins said a study of Boroondara’s 60-odd grounds found only two high-risk grounds.

He said he could only speculate about the financial consequences of a lawsuit after an injury.

“Cricket is a really significant community activity here in Boroondara,” Mr Nevins said.

“Nobody wants anybody to be hurt. We know there is a risk. As a responsible council we need to act appropriately.”

Herald Sun

Never put down to bad luck what you can sue for!

Now I’d be first in line for suing someone’s ass (if they had a donkey and) if I believed there was some malicious intent or just downright neglect.  But if I was walking past a cricket ground or (heaven forbid) at the game and got conked in the head with the ball I’d be all “shit, talk about bad luck” after I regained consciousness.  I’d expect them to take care of me and do the right thing (unrealistic though it may be) but I would be thinking words such as “bad” and “luck” not “free” and “money”.

But you go ahead society… ruin it for everyone.  You’re the reason Santa training comprises largely of legal awareness, not how to go “ho ho ho”.



I wish I had more to write, I wish I had something to write.  Alas life is pretty uneventful and uninspirational at the moment.  Work has been a lot quieter the last two months, I’m still making ends meat but I’d rather it a lot busier.

It’s been quiet enough, in fact, that I end up with days off at a time; and that’s not good for the routine or motivational purposes.  In fact apathy would be the word for the month, it’s very hard to do anything and naps just seem so inviting.

I guess it also doesn’t help much that I’ve been sleeping really badly, waking up at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30 or 8:30 every day, no matter what time of night I go to bed.

I should go to the gym to get my energy levels up and to get into some kind of routine, but then there’s that whole procrastination and apathy thing…

On a different note I started drawing stupid cartoons.. well firstly because I felt like it, but I was also under some vague hope that I’d discover some hidden cartoon drawing talent and a reservoir of jokes within.  The fact I can never be bothered doing anything but cutting and pasting coupled with the fact I draw like a spastic monkey really does not help in that cause.

Ok, so those with IE might notice I’ve been playing with embedded fonts. (c:

The complaints continue.  And not just about the font!

I received a nice little email from (it doesn’t take much to find out where the server is now hosted) forwarding me on a complaint and asking me to deal with it.  Vaguely similar to a certain LJ abuse complaint, tho Managed are a lot more amiable in their approach than LJ.  Then again, I am paying them so one might expect that.

Anyway, the tech and I had a polite little chat and.. well I don’t really need to divulge what we said or agreed upon, I’d rather you all leaped to your own conclusions.

Along a vaguely similar vein; the new server is running bloody well, touch wood.  I’m surprised at how quick the site now is, both in terms of the rendering and delivering of the pages.  I only opted to get the server with one disk in it at the start because I didn’t want to spend a lot up front if the service didn’t perform, but now I’m thinking of upgrades, and it hasn’t even been a week.

Well due to fairly fortunate timing of a RAID meltdown RPoL (and thus this little page of ramblings) is now hosted in America.

Some of you may be aware that times have been rather interesting for me of late, least of all being Internet stalked.  Oh yes, and what jolly fun it is.

Unless you’ve had your head in a bucket you’ll also know that I recently got my arse fired, without any warning I might add.  Now one wouldn’t be surprised to find that I was a little put out by this and have been trying to pursue what I believe is fair compensation.

Besides random crap I like to post stuff here that keeps friends (whether they be real or virtual) informed of what’s going on.  Rather than email all about my latest trials and tribulations I opted to post it on my blog spot, or whatever a thing such as this is called these days.

Considering the server migration had not yet taken place I thought I’d best post such an entry in my LiveJournal.  I didn’t think much of it as I only know of about 6 or so people that know of it, let alone read this thing or my LiveJournal… but considering I was posting it on the Internet I decided I best encrypt the names of those involved.  I didn’t think I was breaking any laws by posting it, I still don’t, but I felt “better safe than sorry” and all that.

It was a pretty straight forward post, basically a copy any paste of what I entered into my unfair dismissal application.  No huge rant and rave, no “what a bunch of…” or anything, just the facts.  I think the worst thing I typed was “not so innocent”.

Now it was on the Internet, for sure, but considering I don’t publish it anywhere, don’t announce or advertise it, and have only told a few people about it, I thought it was pretty private.

Alas it wasn’t private from the artist formally known as dollsteak.

Aha, he spotted it, and wouldn’t it serve me right if he then emailed as many people at my ex-work as he could think of about my entry warning them of litigation.  Like I’d post it on the Internet before I served the papers on them.

Maybe he’s hoping that he’ll teach me a lesson for not publicly apologising to him (after all, the second to last correspondence I had from him utilised the phrase;

“All I want is my reputation back… and I will have it one way or another.  Best to do it your way and take credit for being the better man than let me do it in some underhanded method.”

Maybe he though that jeopardising 6 months salary was the best way of getting his reputation back.

After all, his last message to me did say “We are mature adults.”, and that’s certainly a mature thing to do.

But it doesn’t stop there, of course not.

So I removed my post.  Fine; it’s not private, I’ll remove it.  Of course, I had to give him credit, so I publicly did.

Ooops, bad move, somebody made a complaint to LiveJournal.  Heh.

From: (LiveJournal Abuse Team)
To: <myemail>
Subject: Your LiveJournal Account [77-303926]
Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 06:10:55 UT

Dear LiveJournal user jaseisonlj,

It has been brought to our attention that you have posted a full name in your post located at Please remove the name T….. J D… on or before 12:01am, July 6, 2004, or face further action taken against your account. Thank you for your cooperation.

LiveJournal Abuse Team

I couldn’t and still can’t see anywhere in the LJ where it states that a full name cannot be used, so I didn’t see any problem with mentioning T….. J D… at all.  So I queried them back asking about it stating I’d leave it until I heard back from them.

In the meantime someone had suggested tagging the entry viewable by friends only, meaning only other LJ users on my friends list.  I had previously decided not to do that as there’s only four people on the list, but then I realised four people being able to read it was better than none, so I restored the old entry.

I guess it was just as well, because LJ abuse never got back to me, slackers. (c: