So, as I was saying (quite some time ago), to help my enthusiasm in coding I often do stupidcrazy things, namely more coding.  It’s not quite “feature creep”, but I’ll get some idea or see some request and thinking it’s relatively easy or cool enough an idea, I’ll start coding that in.  Then, of course, I’ve just ended up with more work before the final product is finished, and sometimes the extra bits take a lot more time than I’d think, so I’ll end up with even more to do before it’s all done.  That gives me more time to get a bit bored and look for something to increase my enthusiasm…

There’s not much I can do about it though, there’s little method to my madness, but what method there is, is mine.

I did put a note in the dev forum over Christmas (my present to the users?) saying I was trying to lock down the code in a lame attempt to curb this… who knows if it will hold.

Many a person has asked why I don’t get help coding (including on here), there’s a few very good reasons for that.

Firstly, the code isn’t modular, there’s no good way for a person to work on one portion of the code without having to compensate for it elsewhere.

Secondly, is personal embarrassment.  My coding isn’t very elegant, damn-right messy at times.  I sometimes read a block of code and wonder what I’m trying to achieve (my commenting is poor), or puzzle over why I did it such a long-winded or messy way.  I also block indent the old way (well, the old way I was taught), which puts the open and close brackets in odd spots (for people who aren’t used to it).

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love help.  I think the website design needs updating, I do need coding help (but that’d probably be the hardest to accomplish, so the last on the list), SQL assistance, and in general someone to muse ideas over with.

These people would have to do it for the love of the site, because they’d be getting as much money out of it as I have for the past ten years!  (c;