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Don’t spammers have anything better to do than to post 80 viagra etc comments in one day to a neglected blog? Thank you for making me waste my time, bottom feeders.

So, as I was saying (quite some time ago), to help my enthusiasm in coding I often do stupidcrazy things, namely more coding.  It’s not quite “feature creep”, but I’ll get some idea or see some request and thinking it’s relatively easy or cool enough an idea, I’ll start coding that in.  Then, of course, […]

Coding for fun and spending your weekend indoors, more like. One problem I have with coding for RPoL, besides the general fact I have no idea what I’m doing, is that I bite off more than I can chew.  I had to abort a massive project I undertook for the site in about 2005 because […]

I wish I had more time to spend on RPoL and RolePlaying in general, though I sometimes wonder if I should grow out of it and act like a sensible mature adult.  But really, that sentiment is just insulting to those adults that I know that do still RolePlay.  I guess I’m included in that, but that […]

One of the reasons that I wanted to start this up again is so I had a little development diary and could also mention a few things that don’t belong elsewhere on RPoL.  “Bitching a moaning” probably dominates previous posts.  (c; Back in.. uh… 2000 to 2004? …  Back when I was working at the […]

It’s odd to look back on all my old posts and wonder what happened.  As I was recreating the old posts here I got to read, reminisce and cringe about things I’ve said in the past.  If I was a little sneakier I’d skip out on some of my old posts, but they represent me, […]

You’re still checking daily, right? Many a year ago I updated this thing very infrequently.  Now I feel like I’ve got more to say, though surely nobody still vists, let alone will want to read it.  But alas, intrepid reader, here’s whatever I feel like jotting down.  Infrequently as ever, I assure you. I must say, WordPress […]

First it’s the end of financial year, and I really should do my tax for once.  Now to just find a good accountant who isn’t prone to laughing or telling off… There’s so much to do for RPoL, and not just for the site that you’re all used to me referring to, but for other […]

Why is it always time for bed when it’s not the time I want for bed?

Four in four


After a long fight with life, any fish he got near, and sometimes my finger; Oscar, my red, purple and blue fighting fish, finally went to the great big fishbowl in the sky.  He’s now truly swimming with the fishes. He’ll be sorely missed by everyone who used to come along and tap on his […]