Ok, so those with IE might notice I’ve been playing with embedded fonts. (c:

The complaints continue.  And not just about the font!

I received a nice little email from Managed.com (it doesn’t take much to find out where the server is now hosted) forwarding me on a complaint and asking me to deal with it.  Vaguely similar to a certain LJ abuse complaint, tho Managed are a lot more amiable in their approach than LJ.  Then again, I am paying them so one might expect that.

Anyway, the tech and I had a polite little chat and.. well I don’t really need to divulge what we said or agreed upon, I’d rather you all leaped to your own conclusions.

Along a vaguely similar vein; the new server is running bloody well, touch wood.  I’m surprised at how quick the site now is, both in terms of the rendering and delivering of the pages.  I only opted to get the server with one disk in it at the start because I didn’t want to spend a lot up front if the service didn’t perform, but now I’m thinking of upgrades, and it hasn’t even been a week.