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I saw yet another movie last night, “Bruce Almighty”. I wasn’t too eager to see the movie, but another night sitting on your butt eating junk food watching a huge screen can’t be a bad thing, can it? All in all the movie was good, funny, which one would expect, nay, demand from a Jim C movie.

And for those who like to fiddle with such things, my latest two favourite program thingies are;

MyIE2 – A tab browser and other stuff wrapper for IE.
ieSpell – Spell check for IE. Works in MyIE2 too.

I went and saw ‘Basic’ tonight, a movie that’s anything but.  Good ol’ John Travolta reminded me a bit of the friendly fellow he played in “The Genral’s Daughter”, mind you, it could have been because the former movie was a bit like the latter; that and “Courage Under Fire”.  All in all I thought it was very good, with a variety of twists and other assorted bends.  Much better than the last movie I saw; “Bulletproof Monk”… sorry kid, dog was rabid, had to put it down.

This isn’t a real post you know.

RPoL’s ‘friendly’ (if you’re into that kind of thing) portrait editor has just informed me that he’s declined to add the latest portrait submission; a half naked vampire.  Read on if you want more information, and I know you do; apparently this vampire (a male) is ‘standing in a fruity manner, he’s leering at the camera and his left nipple’s pierced’.

We’ll be getting them put onto T-shirts very soon.

The first thing I’m sure a lot of you will pick up on is how I spell. Besides the Internet mandatory ‘school of spastic’. I’m sure a lot of you will notice (that’s the strange thing about math; the larger the demographic the more people you have… or is that the strange thing about demographics?) that I type things like “specialised armour”, not anything weird like “specialized armor”. Call me strange, call me zany, call me a rambling idiot, but that’s the strange thing about the English language; I believe the English, or a predecessor thereof, thought up the damn thing, and I hope they knew how to spell their own funky language.

Mind you, it could just be all due to the kangaroos kicking me in the head.