Well a few people less than what I expected turned up tonight, I was somewhere between 4 and 6 people short, which is quite a few considering when you’re as short on space as I am you don’t invite a mass of people.  I guess I don’t know as many desperate people as I thought… I truly thought they all were. (c;

But a good night was had, relaxed watching cricket and drinking beer at the start (being good Aussies and all) and then migrated onto the BBQ and beer (being good Aussies and all).  As about 7 we wandered to the Perth foreshore (about a 30 minute casual walk) and watch the sky works from there, they were pretty good, just as I started to zone out they’d arc up with another crescendo.  We high-tailed it out of the city as soon as they stopped and managed to avoid the sea of bodies.

Then we had chocolate biscuits.

Can’t top that, no more to say.