I wish I had more time to spend on RPoL and RolePlaying in general, though I sometimes wonder if I should grow out of it and act like a sensible mature adult.  But really, that sentiment is just insulting to those adults that I know that do still RolePlay.  I guess I’m included in that, but that does depend on your definition of “adult”.

I do some web searches from time to time to see what the general consensus is with RPoL, and to see how it’s received compared to other sites.

Two things to spring to mind when looking at the results.  Firstly, I get the opinion that RPoL is more orientated toward the mature audience and less toward those who possibly expect every web bell and whistle to be available to them, and for everything to be automated.

The second is that I wish I had the time to monitor this stuff more closely, to offer suggestions to visit RPoL and to rebuke stuff like:

I don’t want to push a conclusion or accuse them of fudging, but we’ve always been confused by the way they handle their stats

Thanks kaethre, very kind of you to not not say that.  While it’s vaguely (very, very vaguely) satisfying to know we’re in a position where people want to cut us down, it’s not at all nice to see such accusations flung around.  That’s certainly not the first mythical accusation I’ve seen weaved from a member of that particular site, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

As I said, it makes me wish I had more time to participate on other sites.. or maybe a small pack of rabid Rabbits Rabbids roaming the Internet.