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The time to zone!


Maybe I’m unusual, maybe I’m not. Maybe I find working with numbers very easy. Maybe due to my computing background and the fact that I have to work with base 2, base 8 and base 16 I find working with such things rather easy. Maybe I’m just really good with the time. But maybe, just […]

Hint for the day.


Don’t signup to a random website and have your password match the password for your web-based email account (that you use to register the account). Today’s hint was brought to you by the number 15 and the words “user” and “mong”.

Well a few people less than what I expected turned up tonight, I was somewhere between 4 and 6 people short, which is quite a few considering when you’re as short on space as I am you don’t invite a mass of people.  I guess I don’t know as many desperate people as I thought… […]


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Practise run for tom today:  Completed.



For those of you in the know I’ve been playing squash for about 5 years now, pretty much once a week. About a year ago I changed squash partners after my friend did in his knee, I now play with someone with a tennis swing and who’s managed to hit me in the neck with […]

Cricketers banned from hitting sixes By Kate Uebergang October 27, 2004 PUBLIC safety fears have stumped one of cricket’s greatest feats: the six. Amateur cricketers at two eastern Melbourne suburban grounds will be penalised for hitting a six under a Boroondara Council rule. The risk of cricket balls hitting bystanders and the likelihood of lawsuits […]



I wish I had more to write, I wish I had something to write.  Alas life is pretty uneventful and uninspirational at the moment.  Work has been a lot quieter the last two months, I’m still making ends meat but I’d rather it a lot busier. It’s been quiet enough, in fact, that I end […]

Ok, so those with IE might notice I’ve been playing with embedded fonts. (c: The complaints continue.  And not just about the font! I received a nice little email from (it doesn’t take much to find out where the server is now hosted) forwarding me on a complaint and asking me to deal with […]

Well due to fairly fortunate timing of a RAID meltdown RPoL (and thus this little page of ramblings) is now hosted in America. Some of you may be aware that times have been rather interesting for me of late, least of all being Internet stalked.  Oh yes, and what jolly fun it is. Unless you’ve […]