Why yes, it’s back, I’m back.  For better and for worse, til boredom do we part.


Today is the first day without a certain large organisation paying me to come in whenever I could.  Now the pay wasn’t fantastic, but the conditions were good, I could pretty much come and go as I pleased, which allowed me to continue doing my “real” job of contracting for my business.

Whatever it may or may not have been; it was a great financial crutch.  I’m now crutchless, not to be confused with a similar word.  Yes, “potato”.  Very similar.

So today I contracted for just under 3 hours, which is ok if I can do that every day, which there’s certainly no guarantee of, so more would have been nice; but at least I’m doing another 3 or 4 hours tomorrow arvo.

But to the point, and why I’m suddenly posting like a hyperactive mailman; I came home at 12 and, unlike what I used to do, I didn’t play a game, watch TV, have a nap or do any slacking off.  I actually worked on RPoL for 6 hours.  So, even though I’m not going to get any money for the second half of the day, I’m hoping it’ll eventually pay off.

So.. anyway.  That’s my current plan.  When I’m not contracting then I’ll be doing either business maintenance or working on RPoL.  If this rate of work continues I should imagine the next version will be finished in short order.

I’m even still wearing a tie.