I don’t post for months, and yet within a day of posting two people have not only read my entry but posted replies.  My god people, you must be bored!

Anyhoo.  Today was a day of… uh… frustration It’s currently 2am.

I got up at 9-something.  A bit late I know. ‘lo any behold, as if to punish me for sleeping in the server was down.  I wasn’t sure if it was the server or Zip, so I contacted support telling them that our server was not available (giving them the details of the server, which included the IP address and host name) as well as, to my folly, the IP address of the last device that responded with my trace route.

Support happily told me that the IP address of the last hop I quoted was responding fine.  Uh.. firstly; can you read?  Secondly, don’t you know the addresses of your own networking equipment?!

eventually they got it right and it was our server, so it was rebooted.  Seven hours of downtime. )c;

I was a little miffed with this and asked what happened to our server monitoring that they were supposed to provide?  We are supposed to be notified if the server’s down for 30 minutes.  It seems they forgot us, but now it’s all good.  So they say.

So that was the morning gone.

Then came client #1.  PC’s running like crap they reckon.  So we load a test document and wow, does that take forever, they’re right.  To cut a boring story short, after 30 or so minutes of playing around trying to figure out why it takes so long to load a document we find out it’s not “a” document, it’s “the” document.  This one document we decided to test the PC with is a piece of crap and takes up to two minutes to open.  Other, large, documents open in a flash.

Client #2 was a server migration.  I was hoping to ghost from disk to disk, but after about three hours of trying I give up, ghost just either crashes or won’t see the new and old disk.  So then I go with a backup and restore option, but by this time it’s past 9pm.  And that’s where I still am now, at 2am, just polishing off the new server, getting Windows happy with the new hardware.  I’m almost done now, almost.

And because this is going to become my running tally of RPoL development;

Time spend on RPoL today: 2 hours.
Total time spend on RPoL: 8 hours.