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I thought I better post something for the month, lest this crappy script o’ mine gets upset when there’s not a post for an entire month.  O’ the humanity of it all! Christmas was fun yet a tad sad without my gran, but my family gets on well enough so a fun day was had. […]

It’s just a coincidence. I know this may seem like I’m jumping on the bandwagon, but this is something I saw yesterday, and a certain blog reminded me of again today. Complaining about and belittling the leader seems to be a worldwide pass time.  We all love an underdog, and to this end Microsoft predictably […]

Breaking my jaw

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This fruit juice tastes weird. You know you’re tired when you dislocate your jaw.  I didn’t do that. However I recognise the fact that when you get out a glass for juice and a mug for coffee, and you start spooning the coffee into the glass, one might actually need a bit more sleep. Lookout […]

Hiding nothing!


Random ‘interesting’ fact, though I’ve already told a few readers of Grind this, though Jhael doesn’t yet know, and I believe she’ll be extremely interested. I’m reading a book by William Goldman; The Princess Bride.  He also wrote the script for the movie. He is not the original author.  A fellow by the name of […]

Massive thanks to those who recently sent me emails of support, plus to those who don’t need to `cos they express their support in other way.  Though the whole thing is ridiculious and without merit, it’s extremely disheartening to know that someone is actively trying to ruin your career and a web site you have […]

This is a fun read.  Honest. It all started on Tuesday morning (my time) when I read my morning mail… One “Thomas J Dawe” sent me the following: Ok, colour me confused… again. My last public post on RPOL was October 9, a harmless off-site advertisement in a message section made just for that purpose. […]

My faith in humanity has been restored. No, wait, I’m wrong.  It’s all gone to shit. Once more friendly users have struck.  Those who demand a mile but won’t budge an inch.  Those who cry unfair while managing to be insulting. It’s a finely crafted skill, I’m convinced of it.  People can’t be this pathetically […]

Are you 1337?


No, I’m 31. Rather than going elbows deep into the code for RPoL today and yesterday I’ve instead been wresting with this thing `ere.  After a long, bitter and hard fought struggle with HTML tables I’ve surrendered and can’t get the thing to do what I want, so I’ve done the same thing a different […]

Is this usual? I’ve been having a bunch of fun (read as: I’m all knackered out) today redoing part of the corporate website, which has been developed by a professional web company. Now maybe it’s just me, because I edit everything in TextPad (read as: NotePad but useful) but I’ve noticed some rather interesting facts; […]

Really, clues should be handed out at birth. I’ve been coding my own web site for over three years now, I’ve been in the thick of IT for over ten. toots trumpet I’m not one of those computer people that decided “hey, there’s a few bucks to be made here, stuff this gardening gig, let’s […]