My faith in humanity has been restored.

No, wait, I’m wrong.  It’s all gone to shit.

Once more friendly users have struck.  Those who demand a mile but won’t budge an inch.  Those who cry unfair while managing to be insulting.

It’s a finely crafted skill, I’m convinced of it.  People can’t be this pathetically successful at … well, being so pathetic.  It must be something people actually plan out and do rather than just successfully stumble upon that winning irritating formula again and again.

It does really make me wonder why I bother to run a web site, and the biggest driver behind continuing is that I’d be letting a lot of people down if I quit.  I know there are a lot of silent but happy users, and the crap it is often briefly punctuated with periods of enjoyment; either stemming from vocal grateful users, good RP’ing, or implementing a particularly nifty or well received feature, but when the shit really starts to get me down, the one thing that stops me chucking a hissy fit and throwing in the towel is all the users, and that’s kind of a sad state to be in.

It also makes me wonder where I get my patience from, and why I don’t ban more people more often.  Why I insist on try to explain this to users, why I persevere with trying to be helpful to those who just won’t accept any help.  My patience amazes me, but I’ve got to impress someone, no?