Really, clues should be handed out at birth.

I’ve been coding my own web site for over three years now, I’ve been in the thick of IT for over ten.

toots trumpet I’m not one of those computer people that decided “hey, there’s a few bucks to be made here, stuff this gardening gig, let’s try this computer thing stuff” either.  I actually enjoy (well, used to…) what I do and I’m bloody good at it.  I got one of those clues allocated at birth; not only for real life, but for computing as well. stops tooting

So why do people insist on doing stupid things like creating multiple accounts when it’s expressly forbidden, part of the ToU I would add… as much as I hate having the thing there… as much as I hate having to refer to it.

Begin reminiscing I remember a time when nobody did anything stupid (glares at Snufkin; the sole exception) and there were no moderators, the was no ToU.

Then moderators had to be added as people started to get stupid.  Yes, stupid.  Typing stupid things, doing stupid things.

Then I thought I better add the Terms of Use.  Not because I thought I needed one, but it’s an unfortunate by product of this day and age, every one wants something for nothing, so I thought it was best if I covered my arse… and by doing that covered RPoL’s (which doesn’t look as good as mine, I might add) so that it’d be around from one week to the next.

Then I had to start writing banning routines… I could already ban accounts, but now I had to start coding it so I could ban IP’s, or blocks thereof… or accounts/IP’s from forums to give people a ‘get in line’ prod.

Then I had to start actually referring to the ToU.  Then I had to add to it and expand on it.

Then people starting bitching about moderators. “You’re stupid” they’d post.  We’d delete.  Not only did they get upset that they’d been moderated, but they were outraged we didn’t explain to them why.  Maybe I should start breeding my life-clue and IT-clue… I could hand out the little baby clues to the less fortunate.

And the latest is I had to add more text to the ‘Create an Account’ screen, so people might get it through their thick skulls that even tho I provide RPoL as a free site out of my good graces (oh yes) they better start bloody behaving.

I swear, if people paid they’d behave better.  But no, it’s free, so let’s piss in the pool… or poo on the couch… whatever way you’d like to phrase it.

Oh yeah… End reminiscing

So anyway…

What, you don’t think your bolded purple text in every post you do is so common that I won’t pick it out as something you do?  Do people think I can’t look through web logs and cross reference IP’s?

Do people think their logins aren’t recorded?

And who’s fooling who when you claim it was your third cousin twice removed that posted, not you.  Even though it was the same style, the same annoying purple text.  Apparently they snuck on… for 8 hours!

But really, come on now!  If you’re going to make multiple accounts, at least don’t insult everyone’s intellect by deciding that “BSmith” would be a tricky alternative when your normal account is “BobSmith”.

Or course, random numbers on the end would fool anyone.  So tricky I don’t know how you manage to remember your login name!

The breeding program commences…

Sammy the snail says:

@_; – Shove off south you stupid snots

… The potty mouthed bastard.