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For those of you in the know I’ve been playing squash for about 5 years now, pretty much once a week. About a year ago I changed squash partners after my friend did in his knee, I now play with someone with a tennis swing and who’s managed to hit me in the neck with […]

Ok, so those with IE might notice I’ve been playing with embedded fonts. (c: The complaints continue.  And not just about the font! I received a nice little email from (it doesn’t take much to find out where the server is now hosted) forwarding me on a complaint and asking me to deal with […]

Well due to fairly fortunate timing of a RAID meltdown RPoL (and thus this little page of ramblings) is now hosted in America. Some of you may be aware that times have been rather interesting for me of late, least of all being Internet stalked.  Oh yes, and what jolly fun it is. Unless you’ve […]



Today I got fired.


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I keep on visiting here and thinking I should post something. Unfortunately I don’t really have anything to say.  My life isn’t incredibly exciting or anything, I mean yesterday consisted of neighbours alarms going off, going to work, going to the gym, eating too much chocolate and then sitting at my computer and chatting. But […]

I am evil!


We’ve always known you should keep small children away from me, but here’s an e-mail I just received… I’m writing on behalf of Sir Apple Strudle, GM of Strawberry Flan, who has been somehow blocked from accessing RPOL.NET from China.  Apple is on the last few months of teaching English in Shanghai.  Access was blocked […]

I thought I better post something for the month, lest this crappy script o’ mine gets upset when there’s not a post for an entire month.  O’ the humanity of it all! Christmas was fun yet a tad sad without my gran, but my family gets on well enough so a fun day was had. […]

Breaking my jaw

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This fruit juice tastes weird. You know you’re tired when you dislocate your jaw.  I didn’t do that. However I recognise the fact that when you get out a glass for juice and a mug for coffee, and you start spooning the coffee into the glass, one might actually need a bit more sleep. Lookout […]

I saw yet another movie last night, “Bruce Almighty”. I wasn’t too eager to see the movie, but another night sitting on your butt eating junk food watching a huge screen can’t be a bad thing, can it? All in all the movie was good, funny, which one would expect, nay, demand from a Jim […]