I wish I had more to write, I wish I had something to write.  Alas life is pretty uneventful and uninspirational at the moment.  Work has been a lot quieter the last two months, I’m still making ends meat but I’d rather it a lot busier.

It’s been quiet enough, in fact, that I end up with days off at a time; and that’s not good for the routine or motivational purposes.  In fact apathy would be the word for the month, it’s very hard to do anything and naps just seem so inviting.

I guess it also doesn’t help much that I’ve been sleeping really badly, waking up at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30 or 8:30 every day, no matter what time of night I go to bed.

I should go to the gym to get my energy levels up and to get into some kind of routine, but then there’s that whole procrastination and apathy thing…

On a different note I started drawing stupid cartoons.. well firstly because I felt like it, but I was also under some vague hope that I’d discover some hidden cartoon drawing talent and a reservoir of jokes within.  The fact I can never be bothered doing anything but cutting and pasting coupled with the fact I draw like a spastic monkey really does not help in that cause.