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It’s odd to look back on all my old posts and wonder what happened.  As I was recreating the old posts here I got to read, reminisce and cringe about things I’ve said in the past.  If I was a little sneakier I’d skip out on some of my old posts, but they represent me, or what was me, and to try and pretend they never happened might invite me to do the same again.

That’s not to say I’ve done anything exceedingly horrid, but sometimes I wonder why I said or did certain things.  Also, looking back, it’s amazing to see the things I intended to do.

I’m not deluded enough to think that everything I say I’m going to do to the letter, but it’s amazing to see how far from the intended path I have strayed.

All I can say is that this particular path to hell is.. mostly paved with good intentions.

You’re still checking daily, right?

Many a year ago I updated this thing very infrequently.  Now I feel like I’ve got more to say, though surely nobody still vists, let alone will want to read it.  But alas, intrepid reader, here’s whatever I feel like jotting down.  Infrequently as ever, I assure you.

I must say, WordPress is being very kind (to me, cruel to you) and is letting me add in backdated posts.  As fun as it was to muck around with coding the old blog, I think the days where I spend my time coding something when another, far superior, program exists are over.

Fortunately for the users of that particular site, RPoL is still far superior to anything else.

First it’s the end of financial year, and I really should do my tax for once.  Now to just find a good accountant who isn’t prone to laughing or telling off…

There’s so much to do for RPoL, and not just for the site that you’re all used to me referring to, but for other things as well.  People keep on asking about various RP related things that I want to do.  I want RPoL to be to RP like Google is to search engines.

Alas all my grand schemes rely on this new version being done, and although I’ve done some good work on it this weekend (and last week), there’s still so much more to do.

Today I’ve spend about 4 hours on it.  Alas I’ve really lost track of my running tally, probably about 40 hours.

Why is it always time for bed when it’s not the time I want for bed?

Four in four


After a long fight with life, any fish he got near, and sometimes my finger; Oscar, my red, purple and blue fighting fish, finally went to the great big fishbowl in the sky.  He’s now truly swimming with the fishes.

He’ll be sorely missed by everyone who used to come along and tap on his bowl and exclaim “is he dead?”.

Fight long and hard, little buddy.

omg omg!


Why yes, it’s back, I’m back.  For better and for worse, til boredom do we part.


Today is the first day without a certain large organisation paying me to come in whenever I could.  Now the pay wasn’t fantastic, but the conditions were good, I could pretty much come and go as I pleased, which allowed me to continue doing my “real” job of contracting for my business.

Whatever it may or may not have been; it was a great financial crutch.  I’m now crutchless, not to be confused with a similar word.  Yes, “potato”.  Very similar.

So today I contracted for just under 3 hours, which is ok if I can do that every day, which there’s certainly no guarantee of, so more would have been nice; but at least I’m doing another 3 or 4 hours tomorrow arvo.

But to the point, and why I’m suddenly posting like a hyperactive mailman; I came home at 12 and, unlike what I used to do, I didn’t play a game, watch TV, have a nap or do any slacking off.  I actually worked on RPoL for 6 hours.  So, even though I’m not going to get any money for the second half of the day, I’m hoping it’ll eventually pay off.

So.. anyway.  That’s my current plan.  When I’m not contracting then I’ll be doing either business maintenance or working on RPoL.  If this rate of work continues I should imagine the next version will be finished in short order.

I’m even still wearing a tie.


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I have learnt the secret to ten pin bowling, get full of piss before hand.

Tonight I came home king, I do not know how.

Work had a bowling social function on.  Not only did our team get the highest score for the night but I managed to get the highest score for the night (and a personal best, afaik).  I have a block of chocolate and a bottle of wine to prove it!

We were also clearly responsible for having the most outrageous fun and lifting the spirits and enjoyment of every one around us, the wet blankets.

It was a damn fine night full of winning and watching asses bowl.  If only the bottle had been red! (c;

Is this news?


I really thought tonight was going to be the night.

I really thought I was going to go through with it.

Go ‘all the way’.

But it’s 5am, I didn’t.  I’m not sure if I elaborated before, but my problem with sleeping isn’t so much going to sleep when I go to bed, it’s the fact I wake up during the night.  I was sure that I was going to sleep through until the alarm went off at 11am today (I’m normally very good at sleeping in), alas the winds of fate (is that even a saying?) were against me and deemed I should wake up.  At least I can take solstice in the fact it wasn’t me just waking up, for once.

I don’t think I’m pushing any envelopes when I say that I spend a lot of time on RPoL.  Thinking about it, coding it, administering it, and, every now and then, a dash of playing in it.  Over the past five years it’s dominated my life in one form or another, starting as a hobby and growing from there.

I’ve always harboured ideas to get more of a RP community going, and not RPoL centric, though it’d be nice to be considered the ‘hub’.  Things like the IRC chat channel being #RolePlay not #RPoL and my offering of the chat code to another other site (not that they ever used it), to the upcoming RP news site; a user submission and moderated based page.

Whilst I opted out of coding as a profession so many years ago, I do enjoy molding the site into what the users (hopefully) want.  I always enjoyed coding, I used to write silly programs just for kicks; but I got lazy, I was put off by the claim that I’d only code for a few years and then I’d go onto something like teaching, but ultimately I decided I didn’t want to sit in a room all day and code (misnomer or not).  That’s why I went into technical consulting, going out to meet new people and solve their problems is great.

But RPoL’s such a beast now, my complete novice coding and decisions from five years ago are still there on the site, I’m slowly trying to migrate off as it really does make my life much easier moving to a mySQL database, plus I think the server has reached it’s performance limits without some serious disk caching and technology change.  The current version has taken over a year to get here.  There’s been lots of outside influences but ultimately it’s just one big beast.  A very large change, a necessary one to release the performance bottlenecks, and I’ve got more stuff to go, lots more.

Administering, coding, and generally maintaining RPoL combined with my ‘build a community’ plan is just getting too big, it’s taking up far too much of my time.

Yesterday it dawned on me that I just can’t do it any more.

I can’t try and earn a living and commit the time I want to, that I need to, to the site.  There’s so much to do, but not enough time in the day.  I find myself coding RPoL more and more during the day of late and not developing my business, the thing that keeps me ‘comfortably well off’ (to quote Daffy Duck).  It just doesn’t work, it can’t work, I need to focus on the very basic requirement, and (unfortunately for us all) that is making money.

And so, dear friends, associates, comrades, RPoLians and the general reader, I hope you’ll understand when I tell you I’ve decided to try and make a living off RPoL.

I have no idea how I’m going to do it.  I can guarantee you, however, that it won’t include ‘you must pay to play’.

I know insomnia is not on anyone’s Christmas card list, but really, the level of hate between us is beyond ridiculous!

I wish I could get a full nights sleep for once, it’s been over a week.

I’ve been awake for hours.

Sometimes I forget about how funny a man I am.  Really, I do.

For those not in the know, I programmed the WingedMonkeyBot that’s featuring in todays exciting instalment.

[00:00] *** Daz is now known as Guest6224848
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[00:00] <dazzer> SmileySmileySmileySmileySmiley
[00:00] [dazzer:#RolePlay SOUND] thinks that’s very funny…
[00:01] <dazzer> talk
[00:01] <dazzer> 0
[00:01] <jase> yakidy yak.
[00:01] <dazzer> 6
[00:01] <dazzer> yak
[00:01] <dazzer> hi
[00:01] <dazzer> hi
[00:01] <dazzer> hi
[00:01] <dazzer> hi
[00:01] <dazzer> hi
[00:01] <dazzer> hi
[00:01] <dazzer> h
[00:01] *** dazzer is now known as Guest6224852
[00:01] <Guest6224852> ih
[00:01] *** Guest6224852 has been kicked off channel #RolePlay by WingedMonkeyBot (flood)
[00:01] *** me ( has joined channel #RolePlay
[00:01] <me> ha ja
[00:02] <me> he
[00:02] <me> he
[00:02] <me> he
[00:02] <me> he
[00:02] <me> he
[00:02] <me> ehe
[00:02] <me> he
[00:02] <me> he
[00:02] <me> he
[00:02] *** me has been kicked off channel #RolePlay by WingedMonkeyBot (flood)
[00:02] *** me ( has joined channel #RolePlay
[00:02] <me> ha
[00:02] <me> ha
[00:02] <me> kick me
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